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Currently, until further notice, Anything Audible will be taking preventative measures to uphold a stringent Covid-19 policy. First and foremost, the safety and the well being of our clientele and recording engineers is extremely important to us, and that a potential Client/Talent/Guest should feel safe, comfortable and upmost at ease in the provided recording environment.

Anything Audible makes sure that certain precautions are taken before and/or after each session, which will include the following:


Contactless greeting of Talent/Guest into the studio


Talent/Guest will receive a contactless thermometer temperature check prior to the session start


Only one person present, and responsible for greeting/dismissal and engineering the session


Masks/face covering worn during any point in time before and after recording


Sanitization of Microphones, headphones, mic stands and pop filters

Sanitization of any required documentation or writing utensils *


* (If the Talent feels uncomfortable with printed paper cue documentation, an optional iPad can be provided)


Hand Sanitizer and Wipes will be made available to the Talent/Guest


If a lavaliere mic is used, it will be replaced with another and then properly sanitized


We only ask in courtesy, to abide in accordance and help follow our guidelines, that your Talent (or Guest) also wears a mask, or equivalent face covering up until the time of the actual recording process. If the Talent/Guest arrives without a mask/face covering, they will be provided one before entering the building. If your Talent is a minor, please be sure that they are accompanied by one adult only.


Thank you, and together we can create a healthy recording at Anything Audible.

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