Anything Audible is equipped with Source Connect which allows a virtually latency-free interconnect between Talent and Director wherever they may be across the world. Director in L.A. and talent in Florida? No problem. Record your talent at Anything Audible and listen in to direct from a compatible studio in L.A. Advantages of recording through Source Connect: 

‣ No need for costly travel plans
‣ Convenience for both parties involved
‣ High quality recording and monitoring
‣ Ultra low latency multi-way communication
‣ Secure encrypted connection
‣ Review/Approval with Picture Lock capability 



Simply need to record a voice over or voice to picture in a comfortable studio environment? No problem. Whether you are a Producer, Director or Actor; competitive rates on recording, editing and mixing packages are available. Specializing in recording V.O. for Commercials, Themed Rides, Video Games, Documentaries and Multi-media. Various microphone packages available through quality industry standard pre-amps from Avalon Design, Millennia Music & Media Systems, Focusrite and Apogee. Some of our mics below:




Dialogue is the most important sound element in motion picture. Unfortunately, on set, obtaining the best Production sound can sometimes be compromised. Anything Audible is equipped to organize, re-record, edit, match and re-mix the new dialogue into your production: 

‣ Source Connect (with LTC or RTS sync) to remotely record to picture
‣ ADR Cue documentation, onscreen text and video streamers
‣ Popular microphones available to match your production
‣ ReVoice Pro- correcting talent's lip sync 
‣ Audio plug-ins for matching and natural sounding dialogue 

No more need to worry about crackling lavalieres, hum, buzz or over processed production sound. Feel confident in re-recording lines of scripted dialogue with Anything Audible

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