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A Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Music Composer and Educator, who over the last 3 decades has worked on various Feature Films, Theme Park Rides, T.V. Shows, Video Games, Commercials, Audio Books, Jingles and other Music projects. He has a passion of sound design, film and music- and ultimately to deliver the best possible sounding project to a client. Lee is always listening...


A Foley Artist, Sound Editor, Educator and quite a talent for voice mimicking. He started his career and rose through the ranks in studios in New York to work on various T.V. shows, Cartoons and Documentaries. Continuing in Florida, he has been able to create his signature sound on various projects with Anything Audible over the last few years.


Dani is an award-winning classically trained music composer and record producer, His style features the combination of orchestral scoring techniques fused with modern technological methods. His experience, creativity and talent; working along with a team of highly skilled music professionals, can enhance any project. Whether your project may be a Themed Attraction, Feature Film, Album or Video Game, he specializes in providing original music tailored to any size productions. 

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