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Sound is all around us, we cannot escape it. We have used sound to communicate since we were learning to walk and discovering fire. It heightens our senses, alerts us to our basic core feelings such as fear, joy and sadness. It is that powerful... We are responsible to tell a story, to work in harmony with a visual. Enhancing the experience for your audience. Recreating strange worlds, machines, characters, animals or aliens; or keeping check on reality simply by creating a natural soundscape. The images come to life on screen, but it is the sound that creates the entire experience and "sells" it so well. Whether you are concious of it or not. If you can hear it... we can create it. 

‣ Sound Design for all forms of Multi-Media
‣ Latest Sound Design Plug-Ins (a few vintage too)
‣ Field Recording/On Set Recording
‣ Top quality Sound Libraries
‣ Spectral Sound Editing (Noise Removal)
Sound Examples
Room Split In Two - Anything Audible
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Telescope On Cogs - Anything Audible
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