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Audio Mixing



The most crucial part of the sound process, but what is "the perfect mix". After all the sound elements have been done- Dialogue, Foley, Sound Design and Music; where will the mix be heard? A mix should not just be a great balance of levels or subtle creation of space; it needs to play back well on multiple devices or heard in a variety of possible venues. Theater, Theme Park Ride, Blu-Ray, Game Console, Laptop or Phone. Even though a surround sound formatted mix would be favored for the Theater, Blu-Ray and Game Console, a well balanced separate stereo mix should still be considered for other consumer formats such as Laptops and Mobile Devices. Wherever your project is destined to be, Anything Audible has the knowledge and experience to mix it.  

‣ Mixing your project in our Studio
‣ On-site Mix for Themed Attraction implementation
‣ Mono, Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1 Surround* (*depending on venue)
‣ Mastering for Screen, T.V. or Web-Based Media
‣ Feature Film Deliverables (D,M,E Stems and M+E Mixes)   

Remember: At Anything Audible, we are always listening...

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