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LEE RILEY M.P.S.E. is your contact person to book, engineer and deliver your sessions professionally. He has been in the industry for over 20 years; serving a long list of clients, organizing countless sessions and recording 1000's of lines of dialogue. He has been thankful and proud to design sound for themed attractions all over the world, and responsible for the soundscapes of feature films, TV shows, video games and various commercials. Starting out as a musician, programmer and composer in his early teens, he was building a solid foundation to his future in sound. Developing a passion of sound design, film and music- and ultimately the skills to deliver the best possible sounding project to a client. Lee is always listening...

Join Lee Riley in this educational series for Steinberg, as each month he reveals a quick 30 minute look into his workflows and shares various features included in the incredibly powerful audio software - Nuendo. 
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